Champaign County Courthouse Help Desk


Visit the Champaign County Circuit Clerk’s forms page, which includes:

  • Application for Waiver of Court Fees
  • Application for Waiver of Court Fees
  • Answer/Response Form
  • Additional Paragraphs for Answer/Response
  • Appearance
  • Proof of Delivery

Visit the Champaign County Circuit Clerk’s E-Filing Page, which includes:

  • Champaign County Circuit Clerk – E-Filing Standards and Practices
  • eFiling Exemption Certification
  • How to Prepare Your Documents
  • How to Register to E-File
  • Signing In to E-File
  • Creating a New Password
  • Adding a Payment Account
  • Entering your Case Information
  • Entering the Party Information
  • Uploading your Documents in the Filing Section
  • Paying Fees
  • Review the Summary and Submit your E-Filing
  • Filing into a New Case in Champaign County
  • Filing into an Existing Case in Champaign County

Visit the Champaign County Circuit Clerk’s Traffic Page, which includes:

  • Plea Of Guilty
  • Motion for Extension for Time to Pay
  • Motion to Vacate Ex Parte Judgment
  • Notice of Hearing
  • Mandatory Insurance Affidavit
  • Mandatory Insurance Affidavit of Service
  • Entry of Appearance
  • Motion to Continue or Extend Time
  • Blank Motion Form

Visit the Champaign County Circuit Court’s Resources Page, which includes:

  • Pretrial Memorandum Form for Family Law Cases 
  • Memorandum of Judgment 
  • MDDP Notice
  • MDDP Petition
  • Court-Watching Form
  • Drug Court Referral Form
  • Petition for Order of Protection
  • Petition for Order of Protection (fillable)
  • Emergency Order of Protection
  • Interim/Plenary Order of Protection
  • Orders of Protection – Extensions





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